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The Diva & the Fiddler IntroGoals:

Design poster and create a small hand out for concert, The Diva & the Fiddler

Keep the print cost as low as possible.

Also a small handout in gray scale, to be printed on a colored paper

Annisquam Village Church
August 20, 2010


Book cover design & layout
  Found and Lost by Polly Contil IntroGoals:

Develop the cover design to portray the ideas of the author. Fiction. Target market 14 year old boys.

Found and Lost by Polly Conti

The Call of Katahdin: Life in Werler's Woods


Develop the cover design to portray the ideas of the author. Layout pages with photographs supplied by author.

The Call of Katahdin: Life in Werler's Woods by Ed Werler

The Frugal Family's Kitchen Book

The Frugal Family Kitchen Blog

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Develop cover design concept and illustrations for chapter headings to reflect the homey, practical approach to caring for the family as present by the author.

The Frugal Family's Kitchen Book, Third Edition by Mary Webber

The Frugal Family Kitchen web site

Click here for custom cover designs for family, fund raiser and retail books
Mail order catalog
marine supply catalog Goals:

Small, well known marine store needed to increase its sales.

This is one in a series of successful, photo rich, black and white mail order catalogs. The 6-10 weeks following each mailing the store experienced significant increases in sales over previous years.

Mail order catalog/calendar
mail order catalog Goals:

Startup mail order company needed a promotional piece that was cost effective and would stand out in a sea of materials sent in the pre holiday via the mail in the fall.

This catalog/calendar was designed to keep the products in front of the customers for the whole year by displaying a different seasonal product each month.

Architectural drawing

yacht design Goals:

One promotional piece was needed to work in a large format for trade show displays and for use in an 8-1/2" x 11" print campaign in national trade magazines and sales packets.

Large format drawing of Dancer 10.2

Note card

Note card for retail sale Goals:

One in a series of note card designs for Caribbean retail sales

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