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Flags & flag etiquette
S/V Longevity

Designed for S/V Longevity owner's, Kipp & Ralph Carlton

Flag etiquette

This is a personal flag, often called house flag. It is usually swallow-tailed, designed by the individual owner to depict a personal interest, hobby, family tradition, initials, or the like. A private signal should be a unique design and always in good taste. It should not include or be the ensign of a foreign country, nor duplicate a design previously adopted by someone else.

This is generally swallow-tailed in shape, but may be rectangular or pennant-shaped. It is flown from the masthead of a single-masted motorboat or sailboat, or from the aftermost mast of motor or sailing vessels with two or more masts. It may be flown by day only, or day and night. A mastless motorboat may fly this signal from the bow staff in place of a club burgee.

Sturdy Beggar

Designed for S/V Sturdy Beggar owner, Richard O'Leary

Convey the traditional look of the sailboat, Sturdy Beggar

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